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United States
I'm a shy guy. No. Not the flying ones with the masks from Mario. I take risks in my work but I don't want anyone knowing who the heck I am. I don't want those I know personally tracking my stories back to me, I feel like my life would be ruined, because they'd have an idea of how my inner mind works. So my life to those of you who are insane enough to become my fans must remain secret, but let me tell you now that it's only to keep my works flowing, that's all there is to it. For those of you who become my fans, I will thank you for being as insane as I am and understanding me. :D

P.S. I only do literary work. I can't even draw a stick figure right.

I will find a profile picture at a later date. Enjoy penguins for now.

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TrollingintheDerp Dec 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Hahaha! I saw the note you sent me and I had to reply to you. We DO have the same pictures as each other. The reason I have these social penguins as my profile picture or avatar, or whatever you call it, is because it was one of the only interesting pictures I have. I have a close-up picture of a koala's face, but I'm already using it for my Youtube/Google+ account. And there are already a numerous amount of Youtubers with the same koala face. So I consider them my marsupial brethren. Maybe you can be YOU can be my flightless cousin(s)! I didn't know you used the same picture as me and I didn't mean to copy you. But if you're not okay with it, then I have some sexy pictures of eight species of flowers that are ready to flaunt their brightly coloured pedals to the world. ;)

They're the pictures that come with most computers if I'm not mistaken. Dells at the very least. I too have a picture of the tree bound, eucalyptus marsupial that is the Koala, but I preferred the penguins. I would find another picture, honestly, but let's be honest. The internet is a minefield. There is absolutely no problem with us sharing the pictures. Perhaps we could one day conquer to world! MWAHAHAH!!!

Sorry, I'm mentally deranged a lot of the time. But penguins were better than flowers, I felt.

TrollingintheDerp Dec 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha, I like you. I'm glad I could talk to someone as crazy as me. Heart 
You'd have to be crazy to like any of the stuff I'm going to be doing. It's probably going to be the crappiest, most insane, and probably most idiotic stuff to ever disgrace the internet.
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